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WINO i GRONO restaurant is a good taste kitchen.

WINO i GRONO restaurant is a good taste kitchen.

The chef, Ivo Violante, built his cooking experience with native Italians, so it is no wonder that Italian dishes are accented with Polish accents. Its specialty is seafood. Harmony of taste and unusual attention to detail is the emotional ingredient of every dish.

Restaurant guests will feel unpretentious atmosphere and taste snacks dishes in righteous portions.

At the request of our guests we organize business parties, occasional parties and banquets.

Ivo Violante Chef

The most important is the taste and the proven ingredients. I take inspiration from everything that surrounds me, I like to watch ...

The most important
 is the taste

Follow the tradition of wine

The fulfillment of our restaurant is a climatic, developing GRAPE TOWN winery.

Following the traditions of the Wine Town, we selected local wines as well as seasoned wines from different parts of Europe.

On request, we organize wine tastings.

Taste of real coffee

We love coffee!

In our hotel cafeteria we share this passion by serving aromatic coffee, stimulating, improving mood.

A cup of coffee will be a nice moment to relax and calm your thoughts during the busy day for both the hotel and the inhabitants of Zielona Góra.