Grape Town Hotel

Number of persons


Short walk or morning jogging

Near the hotel, just off the Al track. The Polish Army runs a kilometer-long cycle walk to the nearest Korcza roundabout, perfect for evening walks or morning jogging. A little further down the straight streets, you will reach the St. horse stud. Joseph.

On bike

Those wishing to make more effort can take advantage of the hotel's location and choose a route through the surrounding woods. The route is ringing around the hotel. It runs to Władysław Korcza roundabout, turns into Prosta Street, then Pineapple next to a horse stud. At the end of it she runs into the forest, leaving the streets of Cytryn on the right. At the first forest junction, turn right, cross the tracks and continue straight ahead. At the next fork, turn left and drive straight for about 0.5 km to Cisowa Street. Spruce will reach Al. Polish Army, where the Grape Town Hotel is located.